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Thai Girls – Namfon

Posted by on Dec 08 2015 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Namfon in Chiang mai (Small)
HI! I am Namfon and I live in Chiang Mai with my sister. Is the first time I come to a dating site to find love and a Farang Boyfriend. I am a happy Thai Girl that only have one problem in my life, I am a single Thai Girl.

I am a Thai Girl that love to find a man that not smoke but the most important not drink too much if you drink one or to time a year is okay for me.

But I been with a man that drink and drink and I hate that life I cannot live with a man that. So I looking for you that love Thailand and have a big smile and like to joke.

I looking for a happy man that Love Thai Girls and love the life in Thailand. I look for a man that wants to be with a real Thai Girl I hope I can be your Girlfriend. Hug Namfon

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Thai Girls – Namfon

Posted by on Aug 18 2015 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Namfon Bangkok (Small)
Hi! My name is Namfon i am a single Thai Girl and I live in Bangkok with my mom and my 2 older sister. It was my older sister that tell me about My Thai

I have been thinking about love, boys and all that. I like to find a good man that will love me and give me flowers. I am a romantic Thai Girl I believe that you can find love online.

I know many play games and just thinking about sex and just want to have fun with a Girl. I hope you do not contact me I not have time for Game and I not like people like that.

I like to start slow and let’s see what happen. I hope you do like me and be member on My Thai Hug Namfon in Bangkok

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Thai Girls – Thiang

Posted by on Jul 29 2015 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Thiang a Thai Girl from Chiang Rai (Small)
Hi! My name is Thiang i live in Chiang Rai and I am a Single Thai Girl and I like to find love. So I find My Thai and I hope this is the right place to find real love.

I looking for a Good man from USA or Australia I think they are nice and I meet some on my work in Chiang Rai is fun to talk some English but I don’t think my English is good but I hope you will understand me.

I looking for a man that is good and fun I hope you have a big heart. I am a single Thai Girl that like to smile and I like to talk to my friends.

I don’t like to be home I like to have people around me all the time to feel good. I live with 3 Thai Girls in one apartment.

We all work in the same place and it makes the life more easy we are like sisters we fight one day and the next we are the best friends. I hope you like me come and look for me in the new My Thai Hug Thiang

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Thai Girls – Dao

Posted by on Jul 18 2015 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Dao a Single Thai Girl in Phuket (Small)
HI! My name is Dao and i am a Single Thai Girl that is from Bangkok but I live in Phuket now. I study the Tourist industry and I do a school work about the future for Phuket hotels.

I dream about open my own hotel and I love Phuket. I see My Thai and I was thinking maybe you be online a man with a dream about the beach, the Sun, A Hot Thai Girlfriend,

a dream life and a hotel or a guest house to take care of. If I am a Dream Thai Girl for you? Maybe you like to contact me and we see what can happen and if we can have a future together. Hug Dao

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Thai Girls – Ning

Posted by on Jun 23 2015 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

Ning from Tak (Small)
HI! My name is Ning i live in a city name Tak i find My Thai
and i like it. I been looking on My Thai before, but I never try to find love on My Thai

I hope I can find a good fund man to live with for a long time relationship or I like to find a man that wants to marry me.

I am a good Thai Girl I like to spend my time with my family we don’t have much to do in my Village we have one shop and a gas station but is all.

I know I should go to one of the big city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or some other city. But is not my style I am a county side Thai Girl.

I love the nature and the life here with my family and all chicken and the Kwai that we have. I hope you are a man that love the life on the countryside. Hug Ning

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