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Chinese Girls – Yan

Posted by on Oct 17 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! My name is Yan and I am a Single Chinese Girl. I live in a Wuhan I love this city, but I am a single Chinese Girl.

I like to find a Husband and I am open to marrying a western man I think is the right word for a man like an American man.

I finish my school and now its time to find love or start to build a future in China. I dream about love I don’t want to be older and find out that I been too old to get married.

So, are you looking for love? Maybe are you looking for me? So it’s too way you can find me. You can send me a message or do like other Chinese Girls try Chinese love Cupid. I will wait for you. Hug Yan

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Chinese Girls – Abi and Tabby

Posted by on Sep 06 2018 | Chinese Girls

Hi! Me and my friend are 2 single Chinese Girls that looking for 2 future husbands we are the best friends and we want to be together in the future if we can.

We are looking for 2 friends or brothers that looking for Chinese Girlfriends and want to have us. We are hard working and we are a fun team that loves to travel.

We were in America, Sweden, Italy, and Thailand. We love to travel and have fun, so we hope you guys are the same.

In the free time, we don’t travel we like to go out to drink Coffee and just be our self. We love the beach.

We love to cook Chinese food and I have a big great kitchen in my apartment that we spend a lot of time to cook food and bake cake.

I hope it’s a bit of over life that you will love and the rest we love to tell you guys on skype or Viber when you contact us. Hug Abi and Tabby

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Chinese Girls – Qi

Posted by on Aug 25 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Chinese Girl that looking for love and a future Husband. I live in Peking now, but I come from a small Chinese village along the coastline.

My family is a fishing family and my dad fishing every day. I come to Single Asian Girl and I am looking for an American man or I Think or An Australian guy.

That want to marry me or in the beginning be my Boyfriend. About me, I work in a small office and it’s just me and my boss that work there.

I am his secretary, so I book meetings and all that and keep him update. On my free time, I spend my time running and I love to take photos.

I just buy the most wonderful camera to have fun with. I take a lot of nature photos from my home village and the city life that is so fun.

It’s been my new life the last year. Now I want to take the next step to find love and I hope in the future I will have a family. Hug Qi

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Hong Kong Girls – Jing

Posted by on Jun 24 2017 | Chinese Girls, Hong Kong Girls

HI! I am a 24 years old Chinese Girl that just start a new life in Hong Kong and I love to find a good guy that live in Hong Kong and are looking for love.

I come from Beijing and I work in a bank and my new life is in the banking system in Hong Kong. I love money and I love to make money is why I move to Hong Kong. But what is a life with money and no Love?

I want to find love and as a Good Chinese Girl I cannot run around like you guys can do party and ha ha ha you know. I am a good Girl but I love to joke and have fun,

I love to do fun thinks like travel and I love to go out with friends. I am looking for an older man that is ready to stop party but still want to have fun with me. So do you want a Chinese Girlfriend? I wait for your mail Jing

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Chinese Girls – Dongmei

Posted by on Jun 15 2017 | Chinese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Chinese Girl that live in a small Chinese City. I am a single Chinese Girl that Studying history and when I can, I work as a guide.

I love Chinese History and Art I love to go to museum and learn more about history old kings and old people. I love to find a guy that see the future in history and tourist and want to live in China.

I believe we can open a travel company and show people the great China and I believe it can be a new life for us. Hug Dongmei

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Chinese Girls – Jie

Posted by on Jan 12 2017 | Chinese Girls

Hi! I am a Chinese Girl that live in Shenzhen and I am looking for a nice guy to be a part of my life. I looking for Love and a sweet guy that love China, Chinese people, Chinese food, and love to Travel to China.

I am or I believe I am a fun happy Chinese Girl I love to meet people I love to travel and I love good Food I work as IT Support and make good money.

I looking for a guy that is open to live in China but I can see a life with a good guy in another country to if he is the one.

I hope you maybe can talk some words of Chinese and that have a big heart and have a good life. I hope you are a guy that love to travel, I been all over China but I hope we can travel in together and have fun. Hug Jie

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Chinese Girls – Lan

Posted by on Nov 22 2016 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Chinese Girl and i live in the city Taiyuan. I am 23 year old Chinese Girl and I have a friend that just try the internet dating and she found a good Australian guy.

So I look around on the internet and I find Single Asian Girl and I think is a nice first step. So I am open for love and I hope I can meet a sweet and Kind Hearted Chinese or Caucasian guy.

I looking for a guy that wants to be serious and get married have a family in the future. I am a good Chinese Girl that work in a small shop and in my free time, I love to sing.

I love to spend the time to sewing and designing clothes I have dreams and I hope my Future husband let me do what I love to do. So do you want to meet me and talk about Love and the future life we can have if we find love? Hug Lan

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Chinese Girls – Lin

Posted by on Oct 23 2016 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Chinese Girl I live in a small city i just finish school and my study in economic so I hope I can work in a bank or something like that I love Economic and make money grow.

I love my life but I hope I can find a good guy and maybe move abroad to find love and work and when the time is a right move back to China to build over dream life.

So we can have the best of China and maybe Europe, Australia or America if you want that. I know I can make money grow I am not poor and last year was a great year for me I buy a house with some of that money I make online.

I hope I can find you that want to have a Chinese Wife and love China and History. We have much of History in China I hope you love Chinese food it’s the only thing.

I good at cooking Chinese food but I love to spend time in the kitchen and to cook. Let’s start to talk I just a message away. Hug Lin

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Chinese Girls – Dongmei

Posted by on Jul 28 2016 | Chinese Girls

Chinese Girls - Dongmei
HI! I am a and i live in Malaysia I come to work in a office I study IT and it’s what I work with in Malaysia. I love Malaysia but my family is still in China.

I love to try a new way to find love a Chinese or maybe Love have someone for me. Is my first time I try to find love online I don’t have the time to go out and party to find love and the right husband for me.

So I looking for you that is fun hard working and a guy with dreams about a great future. I want to be a part of that life I and that dream.

I am the Chinese Girl you looking for I understand hard work and I can take care of the family to when we will have one. So send me a mail I will wait for you hug Dongmei

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Chinese Girls – Dandan

Posted by on May 05 2016 | Chinese Girls

Dandan - Chinese Girl (Small)
HI! I am a Chinese Girl that live in a big city in China i live with a friend in a small apartment is my friend that see this web site but she is too shy to try.

But I hope I can find a good guy online that want to marry me and have a family in the future. I am a 25 years old Chinese Girl I love swimming and high jump diving.

When I was a young Chinese Girls I was really good at it now I just do it for fun. I looking for a guy That love sport and love children I hope you will love my photo I know I will make you happy and I hope you will make me happy. Hug Dandan

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