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Thai Girls – Fon

Posted by on Oct 05 2017 | Thai Girls

Hi! I am a single Thai Girl that live in Bangkok and I come to Single Asian Girl to find love and a good husband.

I am 22 years old Thai Girl and I live in Bangkok in a small apartment with a friend and here American Boyfriend. It’s was he that tell me about this web site.

His friend meets his Thai Girlfriend on this web site so they say try and maybe you find love and a boyfriend. So, let us try.

I am a fun happy Thai Girl and have a big smile and I love to read books and I love to play PlayStation ha ha ha,

I think I like to do stuff that boys like to do. Beer, Sports and party. So I hope it will be a start and I hope some contact me. Hug Fon

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Posted by on Sep 13 2017 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls

HI! I am Nook and I am a single Thai Girl living in Bangkok and I am 23 years old. I love to find a good guy that love Thailand and love Thai people.

I am a good and happy Thai Girl that love to talk to people and for the moment. I study at half time and work at a shop for the rest of the time.

I have a dream to be a teacher and I love to find a Farang a man from Europe, American or Australia. I love to meet a fun man that can make me smile and make me feel good.

I hope we can start to talk and I hope love will come in time and I hope we can meet for real soon in Bangkok. Hug Nook

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Posted by on Sep 13 2017 | My Thai Cupid Members, Thai Girls


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Thai Girls – Fon

Posted by on Jun 17 2017 | Thai Girls

Sawadee I am a single Thai Girl that is here for the first time i look online for love. I live in a small town and I have a small restaurant at the Gas station.

We live on the buss traffic that pass on the way to Phuket and other part of Thailand. I am a 28 years old Thai Girl and I looking for an older man that what to slow down and live in Thailand.

I can tell you we have a good life in the village and you will have friends that talk English. So, let us talk and we see what happens. Hug from your new Thai Girlfriend Fon

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Thai Girls – Kwany

Posted by on Jun 03 2017 | Thai Girls

HI! Guys I am Kwany a Single Thai Girl and I looking for you a good guy that want to be my Boyfriend. I hope you want to have a real relationship and like me is tired of people who just want to play games.

I just Finnish short time relationship just because he think I’m sexy and that I’m that sexy dream Thai girl that he want to sleep with.

I have been there twice now all words of love and promises, you maybe been there too? Now I just want to find someone who wants me for me. So, send me a mail and I hope I can open my heart a last time. Big hug from your future Thai Girlfriend

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Thai Girls – Ploy

Posted by on Apr 08 2017 | Thai Girls

HI! I am. Ploy and like you i look for love and happiness i just been dreaming now for some night about love and that i meet a good guy that talk nice, not like bad boys that believe all girls will be nude in cam.

I want you the gentleman that know love and believe in the right way to take care of a Thai Girl. So do you want to meet a sweet Thai Girl like me send me a mail and maybe your dream and my dream will be …… Hug Ploy

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Thai Girls – Saitong

Posted by on Jan 29 2017 | Thai Girls

Sawadee! My name is Saitong and I hope I am the Thai Girl of your dream I am a 22 years old Thai Girl. I live near the ocean here in Phuket and I love to go down to the beach early in the morning before the tourists wake up and come down to the beach.

Just as when you are alone on the beach, I take off my clothes and jump in to the sea and swim then I go up and look up a towel and wipe me dry. I rent out sun chairs on the beach and a small massage.

I have morning session my sister has afternoon session I usually start my day with jump in the sea to swim and after I eat my breakfast on the beach and then get dressed before the tourists come down to the beach.

I am writing this on Single Asian because I would like to meet a nice foreign man who love to be with a Thai girlfriend, I am kind and always happy smiling Thai Girl.

I enjoy working and I dream to meet my prince and have a wonderful family that we are together s care of and that we are living happily ever day …

is there anyone who would like to share my dream? Then send an email to me with your photo and a little about yourself so, I write to you soon. Big Hug Saitong

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Thai Girls – Been

Posted by on Jan 23 2017 | Thai Girls

Sawadee! I am Been and I am a 22 year old Thai Girl from Surin. I am in Bangkok and work as a maid for a wealthy Thai Family that suits me well for the day, I study and after school so I help to cook and clean.

I have been lucky to have found such a great Thai Family that wants me to study and get a good life. But now I reach the end of my studies and I would love to meet a foreign man because I’m a single Thai Girl.

When I finish my school I may be moved home to Surin to my mom and dad and my brother and my little sister. I hope I can meet a man here on Single Asian who wants to meet a standard Thai Girl.

I hope you are good and Fun man and like to have fun and travel and enjoy meeting new people and enjoy the life in Thailand. Big Hug Been

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Thai Girls – Namfon

Posted by on Dec 11 2016 | Thai Girls

HI! I am Namfon i am a single Thai Girl in Bangkok is the first time i try a dating site like this. I hope it will work and that I can find love and happiness that I looking for.

So I am I happy Thai Girl that is 24 years old I live in Bangkok alone. I been in Bangkok for 2 years now and I start to think is time to find love and a good husband.

So are you single guy that looking for an Asian Girl or a Thai Girlfriend like me. I hope you will look for me and I hope you soon send me a mail so we can talk and maybe I can see you on Skype.

I just wait for your message and counting hours, minutes, seconds, until it says ping my mobile and we can have the first chat together. Hug Namfon

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Thai Girls – Auy In Hong Kong

Posted by on Nov 18 2016 | Hong Kong Girls, Thai Girls

HI! I am Auy a 23 year old single Thai Girl for the moment I am in Hong Kong to be with my sister that is married to a Chinese Man.

So I like to see if I can find a good guy in Hong Kong so I can start my life in Hong Kong So is why I try to see if I can find love here and on the Hong Kong that I just see from this web site.

So I looking for you that live in Hong Kong Chinese, Australian or I don’t know but is not so important. I looking for a guy that I can love that is fun kind and easy to love.

I looking for a long time relationship so if you like to play Game go to a other Asian Girl. I hope you soon send me a mail so we can talk. Hug Auy

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