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Japanese Girl – Rin

Posted by on Jan 12 2019 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Japanese Girl that looking for an American Husband. I live in Toyko but I come from a smaller city where my family still live.

I just start to think about life and maybe move from Japan to meet a good man that can be my Husband. I am open to meet a Japanese man that live overseas or a Caucasian man.

The most important is to find a man that wants to have a family. I don’t want to be the last in my family.

So, I am a Japanese Girl that love books and I love to travel. I been in America and travel in Europe I been London and in Sweden and Germany and I love the European People too.

It’s Hard to say what is the best so let’s say I am open to meet a good man. a gentleman nice and that love to just be a man.

Maybe you love to cook food it would make me happy. I can cook Japanese food but I love European and American Food.

So, I hope you can cook food and maybe you can some things about wine. I love to drink wine but I don’t know much about it.

So, do you want to talk to me send me a message and let us talk about wine and life? I hope we will find love and maybe I can come and meet you in your country soon. Hug Rin

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Japanese Girl – Kei

Posted by on Dec 01 2018 | Japanese Girls

Hi! My name is Kei and I am a single Japanese Girl that is working as a Teacher in a smaller Japanese town.

I like to see if they are some American or Australian man that love to have me as theirs, Japanese Girlfriend? I look for a man that knows who to be a gentleman and is open and fun and kind.

Maybe you love to travel and plan a trip to Japan. I love to show you a bit of my country if you want to see a bit of Japan. I teach math and chemistry it too things I really love to do.

On my free time, I love to walk and look at the old garden and the Japanese culture and History we have a lot of that. I love plants and I love to have a nice Garden one time of my life.

So, I hope you can send me a mail and tell me what you dream about. Where you like to travel and what you love to do in your life. Hug Kei

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Japanese Girls – Haia

Posted by on Nov 18 2018 | Japanese Girls

Hi! My name is Haia and I am a Single Japanese Girl that live in Tokyo. I work in a call center for an Insurance company.

It’s good work that I love I get to help people to be safe if something happens. But for love is no Insurance is just a step of faith.

I want to find love and a long time relationship with a European man or American man I hope we can be married in the end.

I am looking for a man that loves Japans culture and Japan food. I see I tv show from England they build a House in Japan style and I love to have a life like this.

A man that love Japan if I can find a man like that I don’t care if I live in Japan or America or Europe or?

So, if you are a man that is open to Japan and love Japanese Girls and want to talk to me. Send me a mail and tell me about you and I hope you are a gentleman. Hug Haia

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Japanese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Sep 18 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Single Japanese Girl and I am 31 years old. I have a young daughter and I looking for an American Guy. We live In a Tokyo in a small apartment on the 85th floor in a skyscraper.

I have my oven company and I make good money. I love to play with my daughter and walk in the park and let my daughter play in the park.

I am looking for a guy that is single with or without children. I think It’s time to get married and maybe get a child more before it’s too late.

I can think a life in another country if it’s a good place for my daughter to grow up. I love my life I work on IT websites mobile apps and all that my customers ask me to make.

I can run my company from my home or your home, so I don’t care where I live. But I want a life with love and happiness.

I want to meet a man that can see I have a brain and can make money. A man that can be happy when I make over life good not like Japanese Guys. I am So angry at Japanese Guys. I will wait for your mail. Hug Mai

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Japanese Girls – Miya

Posted by on Aug 17 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am from Japan and I am a Single Japanese Girl and I looking around the internet to find a good husband and I find this website and I was thinking maybe is a good place to find love.

I see other Japanese Girls so it must be a good sign. I am an office girl I work hard but I have a friend and she loves to take photos on me.

So, I let her take some fun and a bit sexy photo on me. I hope you think its OKAY for you and I really hope you love my friends’ photo on me.

I am looking for a man love to be around people and love to go to Japan that is important for me. I hope you love Japanese food.

Because I love to cook food but if you don’t want me to cooking food for us you can take me out on a romantic restaurant Its ok for me too. Big Hug Miya

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Japanese Girls – Kana

Posted by on Jul 15 2018 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Japanese Girl that live in Osaka in a smaller city near Osaka, but I say Osaka it will be easier for you.

I am 23 years old I have some dreams to find a boyfriend I am a bit scared for all this what you will think of me is a big step, but I pray that all will be good.

I look for a good man may be a bit older is okay I don’t think so much about age so don’t think about it if you try to contact me.

I am looking for a man that like History, Good food, maybe you like Japanese Whisky I know it starts to grow and my brother is crazy in Whisky, so you will have fun here in Japan if you love Whisky.

I love to meet you that love to meet people and get new friends and have an open mind for culture. I know we need to be strong so let us start I will wait for you. Hug Kana

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Japanese Girls – Aki

Posted by on Jun 10 2017 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am Aki a Japanese Single Girl that looking for love. I am living with my family and we have a nice Japanese restaurant as you see behind me.

I love to cook Asian Food and I love Thai food and I been in Thailand 2 times and I love Thailand. I love to travel and I love to see new people.

I am a Japanese Girl that I like new challenges and this I think is one of the biggest I’ve gotten into. So now I just wait for you guys to tell me your dreams HA HA HA,

guys, I know you dream about love and …. But let us talk about that later HA HA HA So now I push send on my mail and I wait for you the guy with the big smile Hug Aki

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Japanese Girls – Cho

Posted by on Jan 26 2017 | Japanese Girls

Hi! I am Cho a single 24 years old Japanese Girl that is looking for love. I like to meet a good guy that want to have a long time relationship or marry me.

I am a good Japanese Girl that love to be with friends, party and I love to take care of my home cooking and all that as a good Girlfriend or wife will do.

So I looking for a guy Japanese or Caucasian, I don’t care so much I look on the inside and if you talk nicely to me and my family and friends.

I hope you are open to come and meet me in Japan if I find that you are the right one is important to me to see if you like my country and Japan for I believe we will travel a lot if you are the foreign guy.

I hope my profile and my photo will make you have happy dreaming about me and that I soon will talk to you maybe you can some words of Japanese it would make me happy. Hug Cho

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Japanese Girls – Ume

Posted by on Dec 01 2016 | Japanese Girls

Hi! I am a Japanese Girl and my name is Ume and I live in a Big Japanese City that I think you know. I am a waitress in a small bar and I have a good life but I always been dreaming about living abroad with a man.

I dream to have a family a girl or a boy if I am lucky. I been reading story’s on internet about Girls life with a foreign guy some is good and some is bad but I think I know what is the wrong way some Girls do.

I am ready to try so I come to this dating site to find love. So are you the lucky man that I am looking for? I hope you say Yes send me a mail so we can talk and dream together. Hug Ume

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Japanese Girls – Azmi

Posted by on Oct 13 2016 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am Azami a Japanese Girl I live in a big City in Japan and I work I am a designer and I develop new products for various industries.

I work much with 3 D printing and I love my work but I know I can get a new work in any part of the world if I want. But I don’t want to talk about my work I want to talk about love and my dreams to fund a good guy.

I talk English but I hope you can some Japanese and I would be happy if you know something about Japanese life and about Japan.

I love to show you Japan if you come and see me in Japan. I love to cook Japan food so I hope you love Japanese food. I love to travel and I can see me living abroad. I hope we soon can talk on skype hug Azami

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