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Chinese Girls – Dongmei

Posted by on Jun 15 2017 | Chinese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Chinese Girl that live in a small Chinese City. I am a single Chinese Girl that Studying history and when I can, I work as a guide.

I love Chinese History and Art I love to go to museum and learn more about history old kings and old people. I love to find a guy that see the future in history and tourist and want to live in China.

I believe we can open a travel company and show people the great China and I believe it can be a new life for us. Hug Dongmei

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Indonesian Girls – Endah

Posted by on Jun 12 2017 | Indonesian Girls

Hi! I am an Indonesian Girl I come from a small Island with wonderful beaches and with coral reefs. I am an educated biologist and I work with a researcher who researches marine life and other small animals living in the corals.

I have a dream to save the Indonesian wild life is crazy I know but I hope I can find a crazy guy that want to be a part of my crazy love and live on the beach with me.

Dream with me You and me diving and looking on the coral reefs can you see it? tell me what you see and contact me Hug Endah

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Japanese Girls – Aki

Posted by on Jun 10 2017 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am Aki a Japanese Single Girl that looking for love. I am living with my family and we have a nice Japanese restaurant as you see behind me.

I love to cook Asian Food and I love Thai food and I been in Thailand 2 times and I love Thailand. I love to travel and I love to see new people.

I am a Japanese Girl that I like new challenges and this I think is one of the biggest I’ve gotten into. So now I just wait for you guys to tell me your dreams HA HA HA,

guys I know you dream about love and …. But let us talk about that later HA HA HA So now I push send on my mail and I wait for you the guy with the big smile Hug Aki

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Vietnamese Girls – Phuong

Posted by on Jun 07 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! Guys I am a Vietnamese Girl and my name is Phuong I live close to the Beach and we have a lot of tourist here. My family have a Guesthouse and restaurant with a bar so, we have a lot of people come to us.

I love my life but I like to find a good guy that want to start a new life with me first I want to find love and when we are sure I like to find a good place to open a Guesthouse and move back to Vietnam.

We can start a new family and a dream life together and walk on the beach on the nights and look on the stars like i like to do when i have time. So, can you see us here in the sun? contact me and let us talk. Hug Phuong

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Indian Girls – Da

Posted by on Jun 05 2017 | Indian Girls

Hi! I am a Indian Girl that come time to time to this web site I been waiting is a big step but I don’t think I want to live in India.

I looking for a new life in a new city I like to find a Caucasian guy but Asian is ok for me to. I hope I can find a guy that love Indian food.

I have a small online company that I can run and grow if I have an internet line so I don’t care if I am in Germany, Australia or USA.

I am looking for a guy that thinking long time and want to be rich in the future with me. So, contact me and let us see if we can find love. Hug Da

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Thai Girls – Kwany

Posted by on Jun 03 2017 | Thai Girls

HI! Guys I am Kwany a Single Thai Girl and I looking for you a good guy that want to be my Boyfriend. I hope you want to have a real relationship and like me is tired of people who just want to play games.

I just Finnish short time relationship just because he think I’m sexy and that I’m that sexy dream Thai girl that he want to sleep with.

I have been there twice now all words of love and promises, you maybe been there too? Now I just want to find someone who wants me for me. So, send me a mail and I hope I can open my heart a last time. Big hug from your future Thai Girlfriend

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Filipino Girls – Bell

Posted by on Jun 01 2017 | Filipino Girls

HI! I am Bell a Filipino Girl and I am looking for a boyfriend and a long time relationship. I don’t know much about internet dating but its look like a fun way to find love.

I come from a small island in Philippine but now I live in Manila and I work in a Hospital as nurse. But I like to find a life in Europe, Australia or America.

I like to have a family and a husband that I can give my heat to and love So guys I hope I don’t need to wait too long and that you contact me. Hug Bell

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Thai Girls – Ploy

Posted by on Apr 08 2017 | Thai Girls

HI! I am. Ploy and like you i look for love and happiness i just been dreaming now for some night about love and that i meet a good guy that talk nice, not like bad boys that believe all girls will be nude in cam.

I want you the gentleman that know love and believe in the right way to take care of a Thai Girl. So do you want to meet a sweet Thai Girl like me send me a mail and maybe your dream and my dream will be …… Hug Ploy

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Korean Girls – Bong

Posted by on Mar 09 2017 | Korean Girls

Hi! I am Bong a Korean city Girl i love to travel and Its why i Love to find a foreign husband. I work in a beauty shop and some time I help a friend and work as a model for his company.

I love to make me look pretty but I believe beauty is on the inside so I look on my future Boyfriend Heart and not on his look but I hope he have a big smile that can make me feel happy.

I looking for a European guy and I think that he love nature, travel and good food. I talk English but my spelling is a bit bad but i hope is okay for you. Big Hug your Bong.

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Vietnamese Girls – Mai

Posted by on Feb 11 2017 | Vietnamese Girls

HI! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that is looking for Love. It’s the first time I go online to try to find love so I don’t know what will happens but I hope I will be happy and that I find a good boyfriend.

I am a Vietnamese’s Girl that is crazy in love with books I work in a small book shop and we sell books some on English and some on Germany so we have tourist come to us.

Its happen I day dream when an American guy come in to ask for a map or a history book about the city. I dream he will ask for a date with me if he can take me out for a romantic dinner and he buy me flower and all that.

But all is just a dream if you not make it come true. So will you make my dream come true? You don’t need to be American or so but I hope you are that romantic guy that I looking for. Hug Mai

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