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Indian Girls – Maba

Posted by on Nov 15 2018 | Indian Girls

HI! I am a Single Indian Girl that live in one of Indians Big cities. I am a free member on that Asian Dating site.

I was clicking around on the internet and I find this Single Asian Girl and I like it. And I was thinking is free so why not?

So, I hope I can find love and a Husband. I love to move abroad to America or England maybe. I love to see London one day.

Therefore, I hope I can find a romantic man with a big heart that can be my husband in the future. I hope you have been in India and love Indian Food and culture.

Maybe you know some Indian word. I hope you love to look at Indian movies with me. I have so much I will say but I will begin like this.

So, send me a mail and a photo so I can know a bit of your life and what you hope about the future. Big Hug Amba

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Korean Girls – Young

Posted by on Nov 12 2018 | Korean Girls

HI! I am a Single Korean Girl that comes to Single Asian Girl to find love and a husband to love and get married too. I was on the way to log in to my profile on that Korean dating site.

But I see on google that this website has Korean Girls too. Therefore, I send my story and I hope a gentleman can see it and I hope my single days will end soon.

I am looking for an American Guy that want to have a long time relationship and want that deep love that take time to build.

But I am ready to try that but I want to build a relationship with you and let it grow. So are you a man that love romantic stuff like a flower, win and all that girls love.

Let us start to talk about love, Family, Sisters, and brothers. All that we need to know. Come to Korea and meet me. Let go to a romantic place and try over love.

Let’s see if you can meet my family after that romantic time together. So, now it’s up to you to send a message or look for me on that Korean dating site you know. Hug Yong

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Hong Kong Girls – Mei

Posted by on Nov 08 2018 | Hong Kong Girls

HI! I am Mei a Single Hong Kong Girl. I was on the way to Hong Kong Cupid when I see Single Asian Girl and I see it for the first time.

I see so many Asian Girls here, so I hope I can meet a man here that is on the look for his Asian Girlfriend.

So, anyway I hope you want to meet a Hong Kong Girl and you looking for me as your Hong Kong Girlfriend that you want. I am a happy, kind Hong Kong Girl that love to make people happy.

I believe on the big smile can make other people happy. I am positive in all problem you have you can find the way to make it good if you want.

I am looking for a western Guy maybe an American guy. I have an older sister living in America with her American Husband.

Therefore, I hope I can find a man that maybe live in Washington like my sister’s husband. So, let us talk I will wait for your mail and please send me a photo. Hug Mei

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Malaysian Girls – Ayu

Posted by on Nov 05 2018 | Malaysian Girls

HI! My name is Ayu and I am a Single Malaysian Girl. I am a 20 years old Malaysian Girl that looking for love and a relationship maybe marriage.

I am looking for a man that is fun and open and if you can talk some Malaysian is a plus but no problem. I can talk English so it’s no problem.

My wish is to find a man that is open and have a good heart. That like long wakes and love to make a surprise to his Girlfriend. I love romantic things like flowers and dinners, candles.

So, I hope you are the same maybe a Friday movie. Therefore, I hope you are that romantic man I am looking. Let us talk when you send me your skype. Hug Ayu

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Vietnamese Girls – Yaffa

Posted by on Nov 03 2018 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! My name is Yaffa and I am a Single Vietnamese Girl looking for my future Boyfriend and Love. It’s my first time to try find love on this dating website.

I am a Vietnamese City Girl and I have a small BBQ Restaurant on the street where I sell food. I love my work and I have many friends come to talk and eat in my place.

But I want to end my single life and look for a man that wants to live with me. So, I want to meet a man American or Australian or I don’t know.

The important thinks are 2 1 you want to live in Vietnam in the future. 2 you love to travel to my country. I can live abroad for some years if I most but I not looking for that.

But if it is good for us and it can build over a relationship and over love to each other for the life in Vietnam I ready for that. I can talk to some English and my English spelling It’s not so good.

But some google translation helps me. Hope that is ok I know is not 100% good. So, let us start talking on skype so send me a message so we can talk. Hug Yaffa

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Korean Girl – Eui

Posted by on Oct 29 2018 | Korean Girls

HI! My name is Eui and I is a Korean Girl. I was looking around on the internet and I looking for Korean Cupid where I have an old profile.

But I see Single Asian girl, so I like it and I hope I can steal someone’s heart. Maybe you look for some other Asian Girl? But as you maybe not know we Korean Girls have a big heart.

And I think we are the best Girlfriend you can get ha ha ha. So, what can I say more about me? I love dogs and I hope one day I can have one.

So, if I move abroad to America or Australia or? Maybe I can find a man and his dog to take care of. Are you a man with a dog that loves nature and love to be a part of my life?

So you single man send me a mail look for me or other Korean Girls on Korean Cupid See you soon I hope Eui

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Chinese Girls – Fung

Posted by on Oct 25 2018 | Chinese Girls

Hi! I am a single Chinese Girl that love football. It’s a growing sport in China and I hope in time I can be so good that I can play in the big team.

I am only 18 years old, but I like to find a man that love football and like lady football. I don’t care so much if you are Asian or an American guy,

but I hope you are a man with a big heart. Open to meet new people and a bit fun and romantic. So, Do you want to have a Chinese Girlfriend that is positive, fun, active and a lot of speed.

I never okay almost never a bad day. And my way to think all bad things can you turn to a positive thing. So, send me a mail so we can talk on skype or line. Hug Fung

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Indonesian Girls – Legi

Posted by on Oct 21 2018 | Indonesian Girls

HI! I am a BAD Indonesian Girl Ha Ha Ha is just a fun photo I play with you. But I think I look good its my friend and me that just have some girl’s fun.

I love rock and I love leather. But I love to tell you more about my secrets and all that I love to talk about in privet. So, what I do in my normal life.

I do some model works and I do some art. I am crazy about animals and I love Zebras Black and White its are my colors white dresses and black leather jackets.

So, I am looking for a Boyfriend that is all in for rock and love rivets and leather I know I hard Indonesian Girl to catching a motorcycle can help catch me.

I can already see myself sitting on an HD behind you disappearing in the sunset. Now I start dreaming about what might happen.

I don’t know what you dream about but hope you can start to talk to me and be nice. If you are the guy that will be my boyfriend you will be a happy man. Hug Legi

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Filipino Girls – Bea

Posted by on Oct 19 2018 | Filipino Girls

Hi! My name is Bea and I am a Filipino Girl. It’s the first time I see an Asian Dating site like this. I have been Trying some other of Asian Dating site I see here.

But I do not try this. And I will try that Filipino one that they show on this website too. I am the Youngest in my family, but I feel is time to start my one family.

So, I come here to find a good man to marry in the future. I like to find a man that lives in America or Australia.

I don’t think I can learn a new languish, so I hope English husband is best to have. I love to be with my family and I love to play with my dog.

I find him walking around on the street with no food and he was so skinny and it was just skin and bone left, and he looks on me.

And I give him some food and after that, he runs he was so scared. The next morning, he was outside barking and he wants to have more food.

Soon we were the best friend and I put him in my car to the veterinary for a check-up. It was some work but now he is ok. So, I hope you are a dog lover it’s a good singe for me. Hug Bea

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Chinese Girls – Yan

Posted by on Oct 17 2018 | Chinese Girls

HI! My name is Yan and I am a Single Chinese Girl. I live in a Wuhan I love this city, but I am a single Chinese Girl.

I like to find a Husband and I am open to marrying a western man I think is the right word for a man like an American man.

I finish my school and now its time to find love or start to build a future in China. I dream about love I don’t want to be older and find out that I been too old to get married.

So, are you looking for love? Maybe are you looking for me? So it’s too way you can find me. You can send me a message or do like other Chinese Girls try Chinese love Cupid. I will wait for you. Hug Yan

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