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Chinese Girl – Bik

Posted by on Feb 06 2019 | Chinese Girls

HI! I am a Single Chinese Girl and I am looking for a Boyfriend. I am from a small village in China but I am single and I like to find a Boyfriend.

For the moment I work in a company in Shenzhen I find a job online. I work with the development of software and I been studying for the last 3 years.

So, I have a fun life in front of the computer. But I thinking of a life with a family. I am a bit afraid I don’t know where this will take me.

Maybe another part of China? America? or Europe you never know about love. I have been dreaming about what will happen.

I will wake up and see Paris and the Eiffel tower or Wake up in America and see Gran Canyon. What will happen if you send me a message?

Where will you and I wake up? In a hotel the next time. Where will you take me? My heart is jumping and I can see in my dream you kissing me and we are happy.

So, let’s try and see what happen. I can see us in a romantic place. I just waiting for you to send me a mail. Hug Bik

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Vietnamese Girls – Thuy

Posted by on Jan 17 2019 | Vietnamese Girls

Hi! I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that looking for a future Husband. I hope I can meet a good American or Australian man.

So, This is my first time I try this way of dating I have a profile on that Vietnamese Dating site but I hope this will help me to find that Single man that can be my Husband.

So, I am a Single Vietnamese Girl that live in a small village. We have the nature just around the corner.

I love The nature and me and my younger sister love to go out and look for food in the forest. So, we can find fruit and some time mushrooms and other things.

I love my lifestyle but is hard to find a good man in the forest. Maybe I can find Tarzan but I don’t think so.

It’s why I come to this place i don’t want to move to the big city just to find love. I hope i can find a bit older man that can see me for me.

And I hope that man can see that a good life doesn’t need to be about the money. You can have a good life and live with the nature.

I hope you want to contact me and talk about life and maybe love. Also, I hope you want to tell me about you and your life. Hug Thuy

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Japanese Girl – Rin

Posted by on Jan 12 2019 | Japanese Girls

HI! I am a Japanese Girl that looking for an American Husband. I live in Toyko but I come from a smaller city where my family still live.

I just start to think about life and maybe move from Japan to meet a good man that can be my Husband. I am open to meet a Japanese man that live overseas or a Caucasian man.

The most important is to find a man that wants to have a family. I don’t want to be the last in my family.

So, I am a Japanese Girl that love books and I love to travel. I been in America and travel in Europe I been London and in Sweden and Germany and I love the European People too.

It’s Hard to say what is the best so let’s say I am open to meet a good man. a gentleman nice and that love to just be a man.

Maybe you love to cook food it would make me happy. I can cook Japanese food but I love European and American Food.

So, I hope you can cook food and maybe you can some things about wine. I love to drink wine but I don’t know much about it.

So, do you want to talk to me send me a message and let us talk about wine and life? I hope we will find love and maybe I can come and meet you in your country soon. Hug Rin

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Thai Girl – Noi

Posted by on Jan 03 2019 | Thai Girls

HI! My name is Noi and I am a Thai Girl that looking for a Boyfriend. Maybe have from America is one of my dream countries.

I have been reading some love stories from Thai Girls that have Boyfriends from America. But I just hope I cam be a lucky Thai Girl that find a good hard working boyfriend.

So, I am born in Chaiyaphum in a small Thai village. I only been to Bangkok one or 2 times in my life. But older Thai Girls say it’s the way to do it if you want to meet a single man.

But I believe in internet dating and I read many love story’s some from Thai Cupid and other Thai dating sites.

But on the way to Thai Cupid I see This dating site. So, I like it so I like therefore I like to try Single Asian Girl. So, send me a mail so we can start to talk. Big Hug Noi

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Chinese Girl – Ah Lam

Posted by on Jan 01 2019 | Chinese Girls

Hi! I am a Single Chinese Girl that live in Shang Hai. So, I am a Chinese Girl that looking for an American or European Boyfriend. My name is Ah Lam and I come from a small town in central China.

But I live I Shang Hai where I help an uncle with his company that invests in property’s and rent it out. So, I am my Uncles all in one ha ha ha.

I take care of the rent and I fix the problems and whatever he needs me for. But I think is time to let my younger sister take over and I like to find a Husband.

And in time I like to move abroad and start a company with you and build a property company that we can be proud of. So, I am looking for you that love to try something big.

A step in love and in life. So, if you think you are the man for me? Send me a mail and tell me about you and maybe a photo of you. Hug Ah Lam

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Posted by on Dec 31 2018 | Uncategorized

We wish you all a Happy New year and we hope 2019 will be a good year. We hope that you maybe find love one of over dating sites. Or in one of over partners dating sites.

Is just a click away! And is free to be a member and you can start to look for your new Girlfriend. And if you have time have a look on YouTube search on 90 day fiancé full episodes.

They are good and you can learn a lot. So, you don’t do the same before you get crazy in love and not see the problem in your relationship. Also, I wish you all the luck on your hunt for a Girlfriend. Admin

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Filipino Girl – Maria

Posted by on Dec 29 2018 | Filipino Girls

Hi! I am a Filipino Girl that looking for an American or Australian Husband. My sister is married to an Australian man and I been in Australia.

And I like it but my best friend is planning to move to Florida so if you are American and live around Florida I am open to see if we can find a future together.

I am a good Filipino Girl that go to church and I work in DHL in the Philippines. I am packing and do all that thinks, and I do a lot of office work.

I love my work and it was my older brother that find this work for me. First I think he was crazy it’s hard work for a Girl big boxes and packing.

But now I love to get it on the right box on the right flight. But I am a Single Filipino Girl and I want to find a husband and get married.

So, I hope I can find love and in time start a family. So, Do you want to meet me? Send me a mail so we can talk. Hug Maria

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Chinese Girls – Diu

Posted by on Dec 26 2018 | Chinese Girls

Hi! I am a single Chinese Girl that looking for an American Husband I live in Shenzhen with my family. It’s my first time I try internet dating.

I get my first passport and I been to Thailand with a friend. It’s was the first time a meet a western man. I Think he was from American and we have some nice days talking.

So, he tells me he was hunting a Thai Girlfriend. But he was still nice and say he never meet a nice Chinese Girl like me. But I was not in Thailand to hunt a Boyfriend.

But That Americana man was nice to talk to and he was so nice to me and my Chinese friend. So, are you hunting for an Asian Girlfriend?

Maybe a Chinese Girl like me can be the one you want to date? So, Can you love me a single Chinese Girl come to me?

I just a message away so easy or come to my profile on that Chinese dating site they have on this website. I try that too I think it says is free. Hug Diu

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Merry Christmas

Posted by on Dec 23 2018 | Uncategorized

Merry Christmas After a long time Single Asian Girl will be Single Asian Girl. Also, My Thai Cupid.com Will start with a new look after the old My Thai Cupid Crash.

So, are you looking for Thai Girls Come to My Thai Cupid.com. You will see the stories from My Thai Cupid on the sidebar all the time.

So, if you want to change your single life. Be a free member on some of over partners dating sites is just a click a way. We hope love will come to to you.

Thanks for the support and all emails We hope 2019 will be great. A new start for us all and you will find love and a Asian Girlfriend soon. Best wishes Admin

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Thai Girl – Namfon

Posted by on Dec 19 2018 | Thai Girls

HI! I am a single Thai Girl that love to find a Good American man to get married too. It’s my dream to have a fun polite good man that love Thailand.

So, my name is Namfon and I live in Bangkok. I work as a Taxi driver and I have a Taxi car with my brother. He drives daytime and I drive night time.

I make good money is not many Thai drivers that is a Girl, so I have a good net of Thai Girls that go with me so they come home safe.

They know I am a Thai Girl, so they feel safe and they are happy to go with me. So, one night I was out on my Tablet looking around I find Single Asian Girl.

I was thinking that look nice for me. So, I am a hard working Thai Girl that want to meet a man that wants to work hard and build a family and a future with me. Hug Namfon

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